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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Clarice Starling is a FBI agent who has been trying to shape her career but to no avail. seven years ago, she had a saved a senators daughter, killed a mass murderer and had Hannibal "the Cannibal" Lector transfferred. It is now in the present, where Clarice is now giving information about the ice maker or better known as crystal methane in a location by a fish market surrounded by drug lords and crips. It ended in blood bath, where as the drug mistress had died but in the position of crouching over baby. Clarice took the baby and washed the blood HIV positive blood from the baby and slowly walked to her fallen officers.

I don't like the officers accompanying Clarice, because they feel that women shouldn't be on the force because they feel insecure.what gives? why are they being so sexist towards her? whats going to happen with Clarice? when will we meet the famous Hannibal Lector?

Clarice goes home and cries her eyes out. her roommate, Ardelia Mapp never seen her cry and tries  to comforts her. the next day, the National Times disgrace Clarice further by saying " DEATH ANGEL: CLARICE STARLING, THE FBI's FILLING MACHINE." she learns that she must now go to a hearing at the FBI's  headquarters. she cries herself to sleep .

 i think the press are over exaggerating the situation and they should look at the facts: shes unharmed and the baby survived without a mark. who's side will the FBI take? where is the good doctor? will Clarice walk free or will she be fired?

 Clarice's boss, Jack Crawford and the director discuss the situation with Clarice and Jacks future. mean while, Clarice gets a letter from the man that has haunted  her dreams for the past seven years: Dr. Hannibal Lector. in his letter, he tells her he has been secretly following her career path and how disgraced she has been. he also asks if she still hears the lambs screaming. he than gives a her  some advice that she takes gratefully. she then hands the letter to the FBI who is now put on red alert.

 Hannibal is the best psychiactric i know.  he has embraced the methods of old and brung them to the present. what will Clarice do now? will Hannibal go into hiding or will he stay in his unknown location and wait for "the goblet to fall"?

Clarice has given her testimony  while the  Mason Verger is a crippled powerful and rich man who desires the death of  Dr. Hannibal Lector: his childhood doctor. he has been following Clarice's career and any other lead on the "Doctor". he wants things done on his time but nothing is going towards his plan. that is until, they follow a lead that leads him to South America.Clarice and Mason meet for the first time, and they both begin to take action towards doctor Lector. Clarice goes on a search for Hannibal's health records but to no avail. when she goes to the place where her thoughts and truths were held, where she met the good Doctor she encounters a person who had worked there and begins her journey on this wild goose chase. when Clarice informs Mason hes not so surprised and not really caring. Mason is seven steps higher than Clarice and he is now making plans for the death scene for Hannibal Lector.

i dislike Mason Verger completely because you shouldnt "deal underneath the table" for any reason. and i wouldnt want a guy to be eaten to death by pigs.What will happen to Clarice when she finds out? what will Lector do when he's being eaten alive by pigs? if it fails, what will Masons plans be next?

we are now in Florence, Italy with Lector, where he poses as a doctor with a slight change in his appearance. his identity is discovered by a Detective Palalzzi. Pallazzi hires Gypsies to take care of Hannibal. whan one them fails and claims that Hannibal is the devil himself, he ignores this and  hears that a Gypsy he hired has died  with a swift  cut to the stomache. later, the doctor awaits  Pallazzi where he tells him of a painting about the name Pallazzi. Lector than hangs Pallazzi outside of the palace. Lector than travels back to America, altering his appearance yet again. there, he his laying in the grass where he sees Clarice for the first time in seven years. she is jogging and relseasing stress from her overbearing week.

I like how Clarice and Hannibal have this affair going yet she is unaware of it. What s going through Lectors head? What will Clarice do when she finds that Lector was there watching her? whats her true feelings towards him?